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Olive Mix

Imported Olive Mix

Pitted: Green and black olives, red peppers, caperberries, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sunflower oil, spices

$5.75, 8oz; $9.35, 16oz


Homemade Basil Pesto

Homemade basil pesto. *Contains nuts, vegan

$12, 8oz; $22, 16oz


Rustic Bakery Rosemary & Olive Oil Flatbread

Rosemary and Olive Oil Flatbread crackers are an excellent accompaniment for cheese, or simply enjoyed on their own. Located right outside of the San Francisco Bay area, Rustic Bakery has a history of creating high-quality crackers designed to complement fine cheese.

$9.25, 6oz

Homemade OG Chickpea Tempeh

Our Own Homemade Tempeh made with chickpea, white and black quinoa, short grain brown rice and oregano. 6oz block to prepare as you like. Dinner options coming soon!

$5.50, 6oz

Barolo Salami

Creminelli Barolo Salami

Barolo is the king of Italian red wines and one of Cristiano’s favorite vintage flavors. Pork, sea salt, natural flavors (celery powder), organic spices, sugars, barolo wine, organic garlic, starter cultures (in collagen casing). Humanely raised pork, no nitrates, no antibiotics.

$10.45, 5.5oz

Finocchiona Salami

Il Porcellino, Finocchiona Salami

2018 Good Food Award Finalist – A traditional Italian salami seasoned with toasted fennel seeds, fennel pollen and ground fennel. Denver, Colorado – No nitrates, antibiotics, hormones.

$14.30, 5.5oz

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